Four Strokes Better Than Last Time!

I went out for a relaxing nine with an all male group today and shot a 49.  I only hit two really crappy shots and really, hit some very good shots both off the tee and on the fairway.  The short game was solid except for one par three hole where I hit ten feet right of the green, chunked it, then skulled it over the green, had to chip back on and then two putted for a six.

Triple bogeys are killing me!  Three of them today.  Two pars and the rest were bogeys or doubles.  The best and brightest thing that happened today was that I parred a par five that is always a challenge.  There are OB stakes on both sides of the fairway along with water and sand hazards ready available to mess you up.  My tee shot went right but I hit a nice hybrid to recover then a 5-iron close to the green.

My 4th shot was rather trick.  I had to pitch over a bunker with very little green to work with.  I pulled out my sand wedge, hit it perfect so it cleared the bunker, bounced gently off the backside of the bunker and rolled past the hole but only by about four feet.  I was inside all of the fellas and sunk the one putt for a par.  It was sweet.

I took my husband into the clubhouse to show him how I turn in my score on the club computer.  He was impressed.



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