A Tale Of Two Nines

I went out with my friend Mary yesterday.  She is in her seventies and still quite a pistol.  I get a kick out of her.  When I first started playing with her I was beating her by eight strokes or so.  The other day we tied!  So she is getting better and I’m definitely getting worse – but I’m not really getting worse.

My husband teases me about the old adage that the minute you start working on your golf game, your scores go up.  The pay off is supposed to be later when all the things you’re trying to do gel and the swing comes together.  I am working on an awful lot.  I will list just the set-up fundamentals I’ve analyzed, experimented with or changed in the last two weeks:

  • alignment
  • standing distance from the ball
  • grip
  • putting grip (complete overhaul of this)
  • ball placement in the stance
  • hand position relative to where the shaft stands at address
  • pre-shot routine
  • lining up my shot


Is it any wonder my scores have been all over the place?

Yesterday I went out for two separate nines.  When I golfed with Mary of course I scored an embarrassing 52 and she made sure to tell me my score was “not good” when we parted.  Thanks Mary.   She wasn’t trying to be mean, she’s just seen me score a 45.  I was plagued by my all too familiar three triple bogeys plus way too many doubles.  I came out for a second nine later in the day, made some pars and scored a 47.  The score was slightly askew because on the first hole, I hit a nice drive then pulled out my new hybrid for my second shot.  I hit the ball better and straighter than I ever have before with that club.  It was an absolute beauty of a shot!  Toward-the-green-dead-on-perfect shot.  But, alas, I didn’t pinpoint its landing and so I couldn’t find the damn ball to save my life!  The fairways and green aprons are starting to be quite dotted with all the droppings of fall and that ball was nowhere to be found.  I looked in front of the green, in the bunkers, in back of the green, in the street behind the green, in the cup, around the knolls, it just wasn’t anywhere and I felt terribly robbed so I decided I would move on and play that hole again when I finished the ninth.  Then on two, which is a par three,  I hit five balls just short of the green, pitched or chipped them all on and didn’t putt any of them.  I moved onto three which I parred in absolute beautiful fashion!  I continued the round from there and played quite well.

So I guess I cheated but what I did was come back around to play one and two at the end of my round.  Having an unlimited golf pass through December allows for this most unconventional decision and of course, I could never have done this at any other course.  I would have looked longer for the ball and left no leaf unturned!  But this choice did me no favors as I came back to triple bogey the first hole and double the second for a final score of 47.  So imagine the round I’d had if I’d just bogeyed both of them!

I turned in both scores.  I felt my punishment was just with my triple and double.



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