Another 48 But No Three Putts!

I went out with Cheryl today and in addition to playing the round, we had a putting competition.  Her idea.  We shot the same for nine – 48, but I beat her in putts!  I putted 16 times and she wouldn’t tell me what she putted 🙂

I was especially happy with my short irons today.  I hit some gorgeous pitches that set up pin-high one putts for me.  I also used my long irons for some good recoveries.  The strength of my game is in my irons and though it is good that I have go to clubs, I want to expand my consistency to include fairway woods.  I’m working on it.  I also need to work on close to the green chips and pitches.  Cheryl chips like a beast.  She really has a touch.  Even when she misses a shot it rolls within five feet of the pin!  She plays the side boards, the rough, heck she can even use the morning dew to her advantage!

I also finally met the club champion, Jo, and another strong A flight player, Vivian.  Cheryl informed me that when those two play, no one talks.  I didn’t say anything out loud but that sounds very good to me.  I don’t like a lot of chit chat when I’m focusing on shots.  Cheryl is as sweet as they come but she is a chatty one.  Hopefully I’ll have the pleasure of playing with Jo and/or Vivian soon.

Today is my birthday and I’m playing later with my husband.  Best birthday present a girl could want.




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