Golfing Again – Pain Free!

My injury was a pinched nerve that was easily treated.  Easily treated maybe, but that was PAINFUL while it lasted.  I could barely get up out of bed without sliding my body along the mattress to the edge so I could drop my feet to the floor then push my way off the bed with my arms.  It must have looked really silly.

I have golfed several times since then.  No great scores have been achieved but I have pulled off some exciting shots and that keeps me going.  My golf association handicap is 15.7, my adjusted club handicap is 14, so I am definitely in the A flight.  I so wanted to be in the A flight for my prides’s sake but now that I am I immediately find myself thinking I don’t belong there.  The other A-Flighters are better than I am.

Yikes.  Pressure’s on.

This morning I am meeting with another A Flight gal named Cheryl.  She chips like no one I’ve ever seen.  No matter where she is off the green she employs her amazing touch and rolls or drops the ball to within three feet, if it doesn’t just fall in the darn hole.  She has already achieved 14 chip-ins this season!

She is also a golfer who can’t help herself.  She gives tips, lots of them.  Maybe she can give me tips on my chipping.  Anyway it is good for me to be with a golfer I can watch and try to emulate.  My tee shots are bigger than hers but everything else she does is better than I do and more consistent.

Plus, I like Cheryl.



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