Ladies Club Day – Survived an OB and 4-Putt!

First shot off the tee, same hole as when I got injured last week, same shot into the bushes – OUT OF BOUNDS!  SAME EXACT MISSED SHOT!  Unbelievable.  Stroke and distance on my first hole of the day.  Then I hit my provisional into the back side of a tree well.  Ugh.  And I never found my brand new Nike ball from my first shot.

But I’m proud of myself because I focused and kept it together.  Next two holes were double bogeys and then I went par, bogey, par, bogey.  For my level of golf, that’s a good four hole-stretch.  Unfortunately on the fifth hole of the stretch one of the ladies in my foursome won the long putt in her flight and while everyone was dazzled by her 20-footer, I proceeded to 4-putt.  Oh that made me mad.  It was the silliest most wasteful 4-putt that never should have happened.  But it did.

However – on the hardest hole of the nine, the long par 5 with OB stakes on both sides of the fairway, a lake to hit over AND a bunker in front of the pin, I bogeyed with just one missed fairway shot.  Otherwise it would have been a nice par on a beast of a hole.

Score wise I shot 48, which sounds high but if you take away the OB and count my four putt as a two putt, I shot a respectable 44.  Woulda shoulda coulda, I know, but seriously the round I played looked more like a 44 than a 48.  My approach shots were especially good today.  They just sat – pin high.  They were so pretty that my foursome pals went dead silent when I hit them.

My irons are my friends 🙂



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