Trading Skulled Shots for OB Shots

Seriously, with what has been going on with me out on the golf course the past few weeks, it’s a wonder I am still playing golf.  Talk about demoralizing, humiliating and flat out heartbreaking.

So I’ve sort of solved my skulling problem in that I’m doing it a lot less than I was.  I am focused on hitting down on the ball and it is working.  My fairway shots have improved greatly because of that focus but my tee shots are still struggling – bad.  I hit five out of bound shots off the tee – IN A ROW today.  Yes you read that right.  FIVE!  All on the same tee that I’ve already hit several OB shots on, the dreaded eighth tee.  The eighth hole is very narrow with flanking OB threats.  The hole just flat freaks me out.

I know that I will unlikely ever know the people who may be reading this blog yet I’m still embarrassed right now at what a crap golfer I have become.  But one of the main reasons I’m doing this blog is to track some improvement over a year’s time.  I know if you golf, you understand and know it can be such a humiliating sport.  I really hope to have some good news soon.  And I hope you can relate to my frustration and dogged determination to improve at golf.


Microcosm of life

Golf is such a perfect microcosm for life.  I don’t mean to sound trite but it’s just so true.  I keep thinking how if I were spending the hours and hours I’ve been devoting to golf on any other sport, tennis for example, I’d be seeing real improvement right about now.  I’d be hitting top spins, perfectly placed lobs, overhead slams, baseline cross-court winners.  I’d be serving it hard and fast.  Noticeable improvement.

But golf?  Oh no.  No no no no NO.  It doesn’t happen that way.  Like life, golf will always throw you another curve, another problem, another unique situation, another glorious moment followed by a crash and burn.  Golf will always highlight your inadequacies in grand fashion.  Golf will make you cry.  Golf will make you hate yourself.

How can a game to these things?  It’s just a game, right?  Therein lies my point.  There is no other game that can discombobulate a human being the way golf can.  If there are those out there who notice immediate improvement when they start to work on their game, I bow to you.  Clearly I’m not worthy.

Drinking wine now.  Cheers.  Channeling my inner caddie because caddies are nice to their players.



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