Bat Golfer Girl

"Bat Golfer Girl" hat with birdie pin
“Bat Golfer Girl” hat with birdie pin

Today was the last club meeting.  The weather was iffy so only four women showed up to actually play.  A Halloween celebration was planned for later in the morning.  We were supposed to wear a costume.  I own a black golf hat that has a bat on it.  I just love that hat – so I added ears to it and made a bat mask.  I wore all black and called myself “bat golfer girl”.  Pretty silly.

It was splishy splashy splat golf.  I skulled my fair share but hit a few good ones too and when I was told we didn’t have to post scores, I just relaxed and enjoyed the round and tried to even be silly.  My pitching was good the whole round and on the ninth hole, I don’t know what possessed me to pull out my nine-iron when I was 50 yards from the green but in any case, that’s what I did.  It was without a doubt my best ball strike of the day – bone-straight-on-target-high-arc dollar-divot shot – but the freakin’ thing sailed over the green and landed 30 feet past.  Doh!

The green is turtle-back so I kept out my nine iron when really I should have pitched a big fat lob with my sand wedge.  The chip caught the right amount of air but it didn’t get over the lip and then it just plugged into the wet grass.  What the heck was I thinking?  Sometimes I just get too lazy to change clubs.

After we finished playing we went into the clubhouse for the party.  I sat next to a gal I’ve never played with but we always seem to gravitate to each other at the social gatherings.  Her name is Kristen and we’re probably the two youngest members of the club.  As Kristen and I were heading to our table, Beth, the club champion who also happens to be the scorer, handed me my envelope full of the month’s winnings.  Inside was a birdie pin, nice, and a wad of cash for a low-gross finish and second-place low net from a different day.

I wondered who that golfer was who won stuff her first month in the club.  I will find her again.

“My game’s been so bad lately,” I said to Kristen.

“I heard you’re really good,” she said.

Oh I don’t want that getting around.  No reputations to live up to please.  I managed to change the subject to tennis.  Kristen plays and perhaps one day soon we could meet up for a few sets.

As for golf, I plan on working at it through the winter.  Come next spring, I’ll be ready for club play.



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