New Swing Coming Along Nicely!

I haven’t played a true round of golf for over two weeks now and I’m in no hurry to do so.  (True round meaning from tee to cup on every hole).  I did get out on the course once recently – to make random drops, hit on the green, and putt.  I took my first lesson with the club pro, Pete Black and have been diligently trying to incorporate what he taught me ever since.

Because I’m working with nothing longer than a seven-iron and only half swings, I’ve been going to different fields and parks in my area, finding a spot off the beaten path with good drainage, teeing up some balls low and watching pretty ball flights, well mostly pretty anyway.  The past two times out I’ve actually kept track of stats because I’m interested in the ratio of good shots to bad.

Today was very good.  I warmed up with my pitching wedge and went 10 for 10.  Now to be clear, a good shot has to be pretty darn good to count.  It must be well struck and on target or darn near.  If I hit a shot slightly thin but the ball flight still looks right, I count it but I’m pretty picky about ball flights.  As I’ve said in earlier posts, if I hit a stinker I make myself go retrieve it.  Obviously for half-swing wedge shots, that’s not a long hike but by the time I got to my seven-iron, I cheated a time or two and grabbed another ball out of the bag shag.

With my nine-iron I hit 10 of 13 well.  With each new iron, the ball striking consistency fell a bit.  With my eight iron I hit 10 of 15 well.  Holding my seven-iron, I hit just 5 of 10 well.


Here are the stats:

Total shots:  48

Good ball strikes:  35

Poor ball strikes:  13

Percentage:  73% good ball strikes

I was pretty happy with today in most ways.  My seven-iron struggled but I know I’m starting to groove this new swing and it will come if I keep at it.  I want to get consistent with my seven-iron ball striking before I contact Pete Black for my next lesson.



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