Bag Shag Backpack

The Original Bag Shag.  This is what I use.
My original bag shag, clunky for a petite woman to schlep

For the past two weeks I’ve been stealing away with my bag shag and three or four short irons.  I alternate between several spots around my neighborhood that work well for hitting practice shots and all of them require some sort of walk to get to.  My criteria is persnickety.  I need basically level, well-drained, open fields with not too tall of grass and few people around.  Good luck with that in this area.  Most of the spots I use double as unofficial off-leash zones.  But the occasional fetching dog and its owner usually stay far away from me.  It has worked so far.

I could use the practice zone at my home course but I really don’t like it for anything other than chipping, short pitching and putting.  Though there is a bit of real estate to hit longer shots, I feel like I’m in a fish bowl as houses butt up to the grass and you see lights going on and off, people prattling around, and it bugs me.  The other big reason I don’t like it is because the drainage on the course is poor.  Who wants to practice in a bog?  I know our new greens keeper is working on it but the whole course is in a lowlands, marshy area and this is a constant challenge.  As for a driving range, I find it silly to go there until I’m practicing longer clubs.

Okay back to the intent of my post:

It has been awkward toting the bag shag, which for most men and taller women can be dangled from the hand as the arms sway while walking.  It won’t touch the ground but for me, being only 5’2″ tall, it rubs on the ground.  I either have to bend my arm as I stride, which is a strain, or hold the silly thing sideways.  Oh to be short.

Add in four golf clubs which, for practicality sake, also need to be carried sideways and perhaps you understand my plight.  Schlepping this mix of items has been a challenge.  I tried a few regular shaped backpacks but the weight of the bag shag would shift during the walking and throw everything uncomfortably off balance.  I needed something broad at the bottom yet narrow at the top to hold the bag shag in place.  And it would be nice if it were long enough to hold an assortment of golf clubs as well.

One time I went off to a park with the metal cylinder part of the bag shag sticking out the top of a small pack.  I trudged across grass and along fences of homes, wriggling as I walked, trying to keep the thing any degree of straight behind me.  One man happened to be looking out his window and was giving me a very odd stare.  It occurred to me that this upside down bag shag probably looked very suspicious from a distance.

Back to the drawing board.

Problem solved!

Fender gig bag
Fender gig bag

My son recently moved out and left an old electric guitar case behind.  Really it’s a “gig bag” which means it is sturdy, lightweight and soft-shelled.  It’s basically made of foam padding inside a polyester or nylon shell.  A light bulb went on inside my brain one day that if this case had straps to allow wearing it on the back, it would be ideal.  Some gig bags only have a suitcase style handle and that would offer little relief.

(In case you’re wondering, I have no idea what happened to the actual guitar.  We once had an electric guitar and a bass and I haven’t seen either one of them in years.)

I went into the still very messy room that six months ago was occupied by my son and found the case right away.  It had the right straps!

handy back straps
handy back straps

This could not have worked out more perfectly.  The length of it allows several of any length golf club and the bag shag, plus any other items I want to tote along.  There are even compartments in the front.

All the fixings
All the fixings

When I told my husband about my brilliant resourcefulness, the first thing he said was, “isn’t it going to get very dirty?”

I couldn’t believe a man would say such a thing.  I guess he was being me.  I told him I could clean it come late spring.  Meanwhile, it is just the thing!




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