Well I finally broke down and went to an actual driving range today.  Mistake!  The temperature hovered at freezing.  Half frozen drizzle blew in the stall at me from the east.  My feet were as ice cold as they’ve ever been my entire life, and I’m an avid skier!  It was a hairline away from being unbearable out there.  The attendant even turned on a “heater” for me, a coiled element that hung far above my head like a lampshade.  I never felt any heat from that thing but the look of the glowing element at least hinted that there was warmth in the world.

But hey, I got my 10-bucket punch card by finally redeeming the purchase I’ve had loaded on my groupon phone app for months now.

Oh, did I mention I was the only fool there, like, the entire time?  Such is my dedication to this game!

I didn’t count shots – good or bad – I just hit one after the other with no practice swings.  The bucket had 75 in it and I could barely hit them all.  Someone before me had hit a few dozen balls within a few club lengths of the hitting area and I could have easily shagged them, and would have any other day, but not today.  All I could think about was my Honda’s toasty little heater bathing the ice cubes at the end of my legs with wafts of hot air.  That reverie is what got me through.

I hit short irons well, which is to be expected because I’ve been hitting with them every day now for two weeks.  I pulled out my 21-degree hybrid, my five-wood and even took a few swings with my three-wood.  I hit the hybrid well, especially when I focused on it for awhile.  I didn’t hold my five-wood very long but a few of those shots were respectable and I frankly don’t remember what happened when the three was in my hands.  I know I skyed the first one.

All in all, for how freakin’ FOUL the weather was, I felt okay about my shots.  It’s amazing I could even move out there.

Note to self:  no driving range if it’s under 40 degrees.  On the course or out in a field somewhere, it’s okay because I’m walking and constantly staying warm but on the range, I just can’t generate enough heat between shots.

And wear warmer socks next time!



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