Eve Of My Second Lesson

My instructor, PGA pro Pete Black, has been out of town so I haven’t been able to have a second lesson as a follow up to my first one about three weeks ago. He’s back now and I’m seeing him tomorrow at two o’clock. I am glad to be having another lesson, as I think I’ve done about all I can with what I learned so far. I’m more than ready to move on from short irons!

I went out for some practice shots today and had a wonderful session. The weather was clear and crisp with a brisk wind but I was dressed for it and I felt good.

I’ve been experimenting with grips and have actually switched for the time being. I don’t know if this will be a long term change but for now it feels right. As long as I have held a golf club I’ve used the interlocking grip but I discovered that chipping felt more in control when I used a baseball, or 10-finger grip. I got so comfortable with this grip I decided to try it on my irons today.

I hit it great with this grip. I had more power while maintaining accuracy. I feel a strength with the ten-finger that I never felt with the interlocking. As I’m grooving the new fundamental swing, the interlocking actually has held me back a little I think – as in, my hands felt clunky, even in the way at times. With the ten-finger, they don’t. They seem to know what they need to do.

I guess I’ll find out what Pete Black thinks about this tomorrow. I am hoping he will quickly notice the improvements I’ve made already.

I get down on myself because my expectations are so high and my ultimate goal is to be a low ‘capper but that said, if you taped my swing either before the lesson or just after and then taped me hitting balls today, there would be a marked difference in consistency and accuracy. Distance is a wash, at least so far.

For some reason, even with a flawed swing I could still hit the crap out of the ball several times a round.


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