I Love This Game!

I haven’t posted in awhile, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been working on my game.  In between a lot of traveling this winter, I have!  I work on it every day – in my garage.

My sweet husband gave me a Callaway tri-ball hitting net for Christmas and with this new toy, I am able to hit as many balls per day as I want to, or in most cases, as many as I have the stamina for.  The truth is, when I hit a lot of irons, my left forearm aches from the strain.  Methinks my irons are too heavy, because when I hit hybrids or woods, this doesn’t happen.  Anyway, that’s another post.

Here is my Callaway Tri-ball 6' to 7' hitting net.  It catches everything!  The nearly-full paint bucket helps weight the apparatus down.
Here is my Callaway Tri-ball 6′ to 7′ hitting net. It catches everything! The nearly-full paint bucket helps weight the apparatus down.

The good news is, my swing is coming along and I can honestly say without equivocation that I have made real progress in my complete swing makeover.  In my last post, I described a breakthrough I experienced just hitting little chip shots with irons.  I knew something had shifted and that I was starting to do it right.

Jillilan's golf laboratory.  I stay in here for hours.
Jillian’s golf laboratory. I stay in here for hours.

Well turns out I was right on the money and that was the true birth of a my new, much improved swing.  I began turning toward the target and getting more of a crispy, solid contact. I began hearing that unmistakeably clear tone of a well-struck golf ball.

The other absolute key was a still lower body supporting a connected upper body.  I have done drill after drill after drill to achieve the quiet lower body and if I could say there is one thing that has made all the difference, it is that alone.  Many of the drills I did were in the living room with no club in hand – just coiling my arms and torso as one above a motionless post – my legs!

I hope to do a post about these turn drills that helped me so much.  I remember my instructor telling me to practice the two level body turns a thousand times.  Well, I don’t know if it’s been a thousand, but maybe it actually has by now.

Though I haven’t been out on the course in awhile, I am confident that all the work I’ve put in will result in better scores.  How could it not?  But I won’t put too much pressure on myself come spring and the start of club play.  Patience grasshopper.  I expect my scores to drop slowly over time as I continue to rehearse proper swing fundamentals.  As muscle memory kicks in and all this newness becomes ever more familiar, I know I’ll keep getting better.  I am not even doing a full swing yet, nor have I hit driver in over a year.  The driver can wait.  My three-quarter swing is going to get me through a lot of rounds!

I will say this now and probably repeat it over and over:  this has been one of the most difficult endeavors I have ever undertaken.  There were times I never thought I would get it.  And just as soon as I’d “get” it, I’d lose it.  That still happens, but I have fall-back drills that immediately get me on track now.

Golf is like a pendulum in two ways:  of course the follow through matches the back swing like a pendulum but also emotionally, the amount of frustration one feels is matched by the thrill and sense of accomplishment at other times.

I love this game!



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