Tipping Point Is Official – I’m Getting Better :)

My last post was about how I have completely overhauled my swing and that my practice self wasn’t the same golfer who showed up on the course, but that finally I had a break-through day.  Finally the relaxed, in-the-zone practice Jillian showed up for the on-course Jillian. This was about a week ago.  Since then I have played golf several more times and the trend has continued.

When such a thing happens, one is usually cautiously optimistic, especially in golf, right?  You can be in the flow one day but not the next and have no clue as to why.  It is never a good idea to feel that you have ‘conquered’ golf.  Well, I’m in no way making that utterly impossible claim, but I’m going to confidently state that I did recently reach a true tipping point – meaning that instead of continuing to get worse, the table turned and I am now incrementally getting better.

Nothing miraculous here just slow, grind-it-out improvement in my shot making.

It’s well about time!  I have certainly put in the practice time, shed the tears, bore the disappointments for the past six months.  Many times I thought I’d never see this day come. Yesterday I shot a round of nine holes and dropped eight strokes from my previous nine.  My last five rounds have all come in under my average.

The biggest improvements I’m seeing are in my tee shots and pitch shots.  I am crushing about half my drives now (using driver too, which I haven’t done in years) and landing some really nice pitches from the 50 – 75 yard range – just gorgeous head-turning shots.  I continue to experience inconsistency on the fairway – using either irons or woods.  I also have had to relearn a touch around the green – as I try to overcome a horrible habit of not following through or turning toward target on chips – so chipping and very short pitch shots are not yet there, and I will continue to work on putting.

But all in all, my scores are starting to drop by a stroke here, a stroke there.

Even as I write these words I think, watch it, Jillian, don’t say too much.  The golf gods will curse your next round.  But you know, even if the golf gods do curse my next round, I shall not fret because I have the practice and the knowledge to back up my achievement.

In addition to all the physical practice, I have learned so much about swing mechanics.  I can so much better isolate where problems are now.  If something baffles me completely I know I have the tool of video to get to the bottom of it, or I can go back for another face to face lesson with Pete or someone else.

The important thing is to keep practicing and to remember that what I accomplish off the practice tee may not show up instantly on the course but eventually, it will!



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