Ready For Club Play

Well, I rejoined the ladies club at my course.  I was hesitating because of my swing change and all the work it’s taken just to be able to play tee to green, but I finally bit the bullet and joined up.  On my first day back last week, I purposely signed up to play a threesome with two women who aren’t intimidating and it was a good call.  I didn’t play great, but it wasn’t bad either.  Considering how I deal with serious nerves, it really was a satisfactory re-entry into club play.  The only disaster was an all too familiar dip in the lake on the 7th hole.

The annual match play tournament starts in a few weeks and the ladies were excitedly signing their names to the list and of course I followed suit but after a less than stellar 18-hole round yesterday, I went in and erased my name.  Perhaps I don’t need that kind of pressure just yet.  It also occurred to me that I’d likely be mismatched because my handicap from last year is just a a stroke or two lower than it should be this year, for now anyway.  My scores are still averaging three or four strokes higher than last season.  So yes, I panicked and erased my name!

Today I went out for a quick nine with my husband and for whatever reason, I always play better when I play with him.  Maybe it’s because I’m super comfortable out there with him and I can just be myself.  I don’t know but the good news is that on six of nine holes I made bogey – and five of them were in a row!  Since bogey golf is my goal right now, I was pretty happy with it.

Things that continue to plague me:

– tentative, stiff, not-in-the-flow short game, too many way short chips and sculls over the green

– hazards and obstacles – water, OB, unplayable lies, all causing extra strokes on my card.  Grrrrrrr.

Hazards not withstanding, my long game is coming along nicely.  I am spanking it off the tee and hitting an increasing amount of greens in bogey regulation, which again, at this point in my game is fine.  And today I two-putted every single green.  Some were so close I couldn’t believe they didn’t drop, but that’s golf.


Addendum 5/3/15 – I put my name back on the match play list.  I’m going for it!


2 thoughts on “Ready For Club Play

  1. Jillian,

    My advice would be to put your name back on that sign up sheet. I’ve found that to play better under pressure, you need to put yourself under pressure as often as possible. The more you do it, the easier it will get. What’s the worst thing that could happen? You could lose your match. Tiger Woods only won 25% of his starts; no biggie. Good luck!



  2. Yeah Brian, you make a good point. I just don’t want to be put with someone who’s handicap is 2 or 3 points lower than what mine actually is right now! I didn’t start turning in this year’s scores until about a week ago so my handicap hasn’t adjusted yet


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