The Joys Of A Long Drive

For a few months now, I’ve been trying to use all I’ve learned about the golf swing to propel my ball past the 150 yard marker off the first tee.

I’ve observed many drives off that tee and though men hit past it regularly, their balls often sail over or through a row of trees and land on the ninth fairway to the right – or – they disappear entirely off in OB land to the left, often in someone’s flower bed.  For women, only the long hitters can get past it.  It’s a ways out there.

I’ve been getting ever closer to it using driver, sometimes thinking I got there and anxiously pulling my bag behind me as I walk up to my ball – only to discover it’s still ten yards back.

Well, two days ago and for the first time ever I drove the ball about a yard past that marker!  Granted, the ball landed in the first cut out to the right and was somewhat under a great big maple tree, but I got there!

I used my 4-iron on the second shot and had to hit it a little left of the green to escape the tree, but I got close enough to leave myself a short pitch on.  I two-putted for bogey.

It’s these little victories that keep me coming  back to this game.



3 thoughts on “The Joys Of A Long Drive

      1. It’s on the iPhone & iPad with the emojis! It may seem strange a sewing blogger following you, but Golf is my first love and there’s golf clothes I’ve just made on my blog! I think you’ll get better weather for it than here in the UK ⛳️

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