Match Play Begins – Through to the 2nd Round!

Today was day one of our ladies club match play tournament.  I hesitated about whether to sign up for it or not but eventually did.  Then I went out and shot a bad round so I erased my name from the list.  Then I put it back on the list.  Come to find out, the organizer of the tournament knew I erased my name and though she smiled and was nice, underneath she was thinking I was a chicken you-know-what, and she was right.  But what is important is that I PUT MY NAME BACK on the list.

When I showed up at the clubhouse today I learned not only who my match play opponent was but also that the other two in our foursome were the lowest handicappers in the club – one of them also being the club champion.  No pressure!

Well, I won today.  We are a 9-hole club, so the end result was I won six holes.  We squared on one and my partner won two.  Score wise, I only beat her by a stroke because I had two OB penalty strokes plus an unplayable lie stroke, but that had no bearing on the tournament result, obviously.

I won fair and square baby!  My name lives on the sheet for next week.

I didn’t drive the ball well and kept missing right, including hitting a brand new Bridgestone out of bounds to be lost in someone’s shrubberies.  I started pulling my 4-iron out of the bag for just about everything long, including my provisional tee shot, because that club and I are pals and I rarely miss with it.

My chipping was a lot better than it’s been and that was a great relief, as I have put in some serious hours at the practice green lately.  Putting saved my bacon more than once.  In fact, that’s really what it came down to a good deal of the time – my opponent three-putted while I two-putted.  She kept thinking I was cheating on strokes but I think she was just frustrated.  On one par-three I hit under a dense, low-hanging tree and declared it an unplayable lie.  Well, lying two I then chipped on and one putted a heavily breaking 15-footer for a bogey.  My opponent really thought I was pulling a fast one on that hole but it was the one-putt!  I highly recommend them for keeping scores low.

It’s nice to have a solid foundation of golf fundamentals underneath my golf house.  It may be built of straw sometimes, or even cards, but the foundation remains!



6 thoughts on “Match Play Begins – Through to the 2nd Round!

    1. One tip for match play. Never think you’ve won a hole because your opponent has a bad lie. Imagine they’ll get up and down or pull off a fluky shot. That way, if they do you won’t get that huge sinking feeling, but chances are they won’t! Also, keep smiling if you loose a hole,and never give in.
      Last year in a team match I was 4 down after 8 holes, with a home advantage 😯. I dug deep, pulled it back, took it to the 18th and won on the last putt. I felt like I’d won the masters, lol 😀.
      Hope you have a fab season.

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      1. I love your story, Thimberlina, and I can only imagine what sinking that final putt felt like! Just to win a few holes felt really good to me. That’s also great advice – about bad lies. More than once I think my opponent thought she had the hole because of my bad lie. Match play is an interesting dynamic, to be sure. I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would and for some reason I can’t explain, I was calmly alert out there, yet still able to enjoy the cameraderie – subdued as it was.

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