Down, Down, Down Go My Scores – Finally

Update as of June 1:  Handicap index is down a point-and-a-half which means my club handicap will go down two full strokes.  Woo hoo!


The whole reason for this blog was to track my progress as I set off on a journey to get serious about my golf game.  I finally had the time to go along with the desire.  I took four private lessons, participated in clinics, read everything I could about the sport, watched videos, memorized terms and understood swing mechanics.  I have been a serious student of the game for the past seven months.

My passion has run so deep that when things weren’t going well, I’ve shed tears, gotten angry, thrown tantrums and melted down in the middle of play.  My expectations have been in the stratosphere all along, as somewhere deep inside me I’ve always believed, known, that there dwells a great golfer.  But I couldn’t figure out why that great golfer failed to emerge in spite of hours of practice seven days a week.

It’s not like I expected to improve without practicing.  I’ve been a stalwart.  Long game.  Short game – especially short game.  I have hit thousands of balls into the target flap of my backyard net.  I’ve pitched, chipped and putted an equal amount at the practice green.  And I’ve played – nearly every day since the second week of March.

But the scoring was not happening.  Still I kept on practicing, reading, watching videos and knowing that eventually my scores would start dropping.

And now it has happened.  My scoring average is not only dropping, but dropping fast.  Many facets of my game are coming together all at the same time.

Drives:  At least once per round I hit it farther than I ever have on any given hole.

Chips/Pitches:  Getting closer to the pin.  Confidence growing.

Greens:  Hitting more of them.  Yesterday I hit three of nine greens!  That is absolutely unprecedented.  I hit the long par 4 eighth green yesterday with a 3-wood.  Ball just kept running right up onto the turtle back green!

Scoring:  I beat my husband at golf for the first time yesterday – by three strokes in a nine hole round (I shot 44.  He shot 47… I hope he will still play with me).  I am shooting mostly bogeys now,  peppered with some pars after long birdie attempts on my hit greens – and now only an occasional triple and a few doubles per nine usually.  Tomorrow my new handicap index comes out.  Should be down and should continue to fall.

This is no fluke.  I have worked my butt off, put in the hours, paid the dues, and I feel worthy of the golf gods smiling upon me – finally.  Best of all, I know what I’ve done to get here and what I need to continue to do.  In no way do I take any of this for granted.  In order to maintain these lower scores and to go even lower, I have to keep my nose to the grind stone and continue the practice and the learning.

The wonderful thing is that I absolutely love to practice.  I look forward to it almost as much as playing a round.

I’ve got goals and I’m just getting started!  Never mind that I’m 55 years old!



6 thoughts on “Down, Down, Down Go My Scores – Finally

  1. Brilliant! I’m so pleased for you! The hard work really does pay off. When others start grumbling that you’re winning everything (and you will!) ask them when they last practiced, and I bet they won’t even be able to remember. And you beat your hubby too! yay!!

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    1. Again, your encouragement is so appreciated Thimberlina – from one lady golfer to another! You are so right about practice. Hardly anyone does it, including my husband. For weeks I’ve been watching him sink putts, hit greens and so on – being mad at the guy who never practices (because secretly I was envious). But now, the tables might be turning. He used to say, “I’ve paid my dues” – meaning years ago he took a bag shag on a free range and hit some balls. Nowadays, his warm-up consists of three minutes of putting before we tee off.

      I don’t know anyone who practices the way I do – no one.

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      1. At our club we have ‘lady golfer of the year’, it’s worked out on points for being placed in comps, then extra points at the end of the season for handicap reduction. I’m sure you’d win in hands down if there’s something like that at your club.
        Everything will suddenly click into place and your bad shots will get better and fewer. (Sounds like this is now!) I also found I got luckier as I got better too! ⛳️


  2. We have “most improved player” and it is often the same person as “club champion” though not always. I have my eye on BOTH!

    Yes funny thing about luck isn’t it? The better you are, the luckier you get and vice versa.

    I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself though. I still have a lot of work to do and if I don’t putt every single day I lose my touch on the green.


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