What A Few One-Putts Will Do

Today, under sweltering sun and oppressive heat, I shot my lowest nine ever – 42.  My playing partners shared a cart.  I walked and drank a lot of water.

I didn’t start off that well – bogeyed the first hole then doubled the second on a three putt and thought, oh crap, putting slump continues.

But I never three-putted again and picked up two one-putts later on.

Off the tee and fairway, I only remember one really awful shot.  The rest were acceptable or better.  And the rare combination – of hitting both woods and irons well on the second shot – happened.  In the not so distant past, it has either been irons or woods that go better with the other being just OK.  Today, both types of shots went pretty much where I wanted them to!

The seventh hole is a difficult par-5 with a big lake to get past and nasty bunkers circling the green.  I am happy with anything seven or under on that hole.  I sunk a one-putt for par today.

The shot of the day, however, came on the eighth.  It’s a long, tight, straight and unforgiving par-4 that will sting you if you slice, hook or aim wrong.  OB on either side.  My second shot got me just inside 50 yards.  I had very little green to work with and decided to pitch on with a softer nine-iron instead of my wedge.  If the ball landed on the fringe it had some room to run uphill.  I wasn’t feeling confident with my pitching wedge and did not want to land behind the pin for a downhill putt.

Feeling capable with my nine-iron in hand, I pitched it just onto the forward fringe, left of the pin.  It rolled up, moved slightly right and came to a nice little stop five inches from the cup.

Count it as a one-putt, baby, and it was the easiest par I ever made.  🙂



2 thoughts on “What A Few One-Putts Will Do

    1. Thanks! Yes, go to the range and smack some balls silly. Good for the soul. Actually, I haven’t been in a long while. Mostly I’ve been working on short game stuff – yet it’s my long game that has been the most consistent. Crazy game this golf.

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