Pars and Bogeys From Further Back

There is only one set of tees rated for women at my home course, so for handicap purposes I only turn in scores I play from those tees.  I know there is math I can do to get a rating from other tees but I haven’t gotten ’round to that yet.

For the time being and for some great extra practice, I sometimes play tees further back.   Yesterday evening, my hubby and I had the course to ourselves, so we played the rear most tees, the blues.  As to be expected, I got a lot of long club practice trying to get anywhere near the greens on second or third shots.

I am proud to announce I didn’t get any triple bogeys, just a lot of doubles.  But I also shot two bogeys and a par.  I was most proud of the par I made on a one-putt.

The best thing about playing more difficult tees is that when I play round two of the two lady best ball tournament from the red tees tomorrow morning, they will seem easy.

Blue tees, I’m coming for you and I plan on getting more pars!



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