Handicap Down Two More & 2nd Day of Two Lady Best Ball

Well we’d like to have roasted out there today, even early.  It’s a scorcher already at noon.  I shot a 44 and though my partner shot considerably higher than that, she came through with a bogey on the last hole after my double.  So for the second straight day we turn in 43.

I started off great with several pars but went 6,6,6,6 on the last four holes!!!  It was one of the those days when the tractor follows you from hole to hole.  I don’t do so well with noise distractions.  I tried to block it out.

The good news was I hit a 3-wood drive on the par 4 eighth hole that went farther than I’ve ever hit driver.  There is a gray house with a yard that stretches toward the hole and I’ve always wanted to hit past that piece of property and I did it!  Too bad I made six on the hole 😦

I kissed my 3-wood and promised my team mate I’d tee off with it on nine, but unfortunately I pulled it and it shot left and parked under a tree so I had to take my medicine and knock it under branches back onto the fairway.  Too bad I also made six on that hole.

But we’ve turned in a gross of 43, 43 so far – with two more rounds to go.

The other piece of news is my handicap is falling fast.  I am down 4 points in the past month!  And that’s a 9-hole handicap!



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