Tied For the Lead – One Round Left

Today I played the third round of the two lady best ball tournament at my club.  My team is tied for first place low gross going into the final round.  Fingers are crossed.

I am actually feeling confident at this point – if I can hold the putting together.  This morning, several of my putts were an inch from dropping – which turned four would-be pars into four bogeys on the card.  I am at the point in my game where bogeys are no longer going to cut it.  I want pars!

I hit three greens in regulation and three-putted two of them.  I also got into sand trouble and burned two strokes just to get out of the damn bunker.  My score got us through eight holes though, and when I bogeyed nine, my partner sank her par putt and that was when we fell dead even with the other team.

Update on the 18-Away

I will also say a little about my 18-Away golf outing last Friday.  If I’ve been anything, I’ve been consistent lately.   Due to the increase in length of this other course, the difficulty and slope ratings are higher, so even though my score didn’t look numerically great, it was right in there handicap-wise with what I shoot at my home course.

So even though I didn’t know the course, I did all right!  I got to hit lots of long shots.  And for the most part, the greens were easier.  My home course isn’t the longest golf course in town but the greens are all raised, sloped and some have multiple tiers.  Depending on hole placement they can be downright tricky.  It is definitely good training for other golf courses!

One unfortunate thing that happened though was on the very first hole I pushed it into a grove of trees and had tree trouble all the rest of the hole.  I made seven on that hole but I shook it off, settled myself down and got my act together.

I had to do the cart thing and you know, I really don’t like those things.  I feel disconnected from my clubs – especially when my cart buddy is off on the other side of the fairway helping someone find their OB ball and I need my 7-iron!  She was a bit controlling and insisted on driving.  I didn’t argue but I will also never pair up with her again.  It was more exhausting to deal with the cart that was never where I needed it to be than it would have been just to walk peacefully with my clubs rolling in front of me.

I may go out for another nine later today!



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