FIrst Chapman Ever

I had never been part of a golf club until fall of last year so I hadn’t experienced all the different types of tournaments there are.  Oh sure I’ve done scrambles and fund-raiser types before, but I had never done match play, best ball, or most recently, a chapman.

So I and another lady with one of the lower handicaps teamed up with a couple of men from the club.  None of it was intentional teaming, just luck of the draw.  The other twosome in our foursome had three strokes on Nick, my partner, and me.  (At the moment, my handicap is actually lower than I wish because I had a string of really good rounds – followed by a string of so-so ones after the handicap index was posted.)

So they got three strokes but we also counted putts so we had a chance for success there.  The other male in the foursome, Jeff, made sure I understood chapman rules as we were warming up on the putting surface.  He explained to me that both members of the team drive and hit each other’s second shots – and added that it was pretty much a “no-brainer” that the men’s drives would be the preferable shots.

I casually told him that ‘for a gal’ I was a fairly long hitter.  I probably should have just let it go, teed the ball up and crushed it.

Well the other gal in our foursome is Laurie, the girlfriend of Pete Black the golf pro, and she out drives me by about 20 yards on average – although on nine we were neck and neck – middle of the fairway and 40 yards in front of either of the men who were in the rough (granted we hit from the forward tees which are quite moved up on nine, but still…)

Anyway, chuckle chuckle, Laurie’s and my drives were the better shots on at least four of the holes, and hers alone were on maybe two more.  On several holes the forward tees are only a few yards advantage.

Chuckle chuckle.  No brainer.   Guys seem to just assume they are superior to women on the golf course in every way.  I love to put a chink in the armor of that fantasy.  Granted, in more cases than not, it is true – but some women (like me) are really serious about golf and we practice!

In the end, Nick and I tied with our playing partners but of course, they had the three strokes so they beat us.  But we only had 13 putts which was fewer than what they had.  Since I didn’t go to the awards dinner, I don’t know if our 13 putts won that category or not.

In any case, it was a lot of fun and I’ll do it again.



4 thoughts on “FIrst Chapman Ever

    1. Ha! Yes an eye opener for the blokes. Do you use the expression “eating crow” in the UK? But you know they were nice and fun. My partner was fine – it was the other bloke…

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      1. Not heard that expression, I think we’d say eating humble pie?? Men never like to be beaten by a women. One man once asked if I ever get bored of hitting the fairways?! I think he thought his erratic swing and ball direction was more exciting!

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  1. Yeah we use “eating humble pie” as well. Same meaning pretty much. I am amazed at how many of the same expressions are used on both sides of the pond!


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