A Birdie & Some Putts

My last post was about playing in my first ever chapman tournament which pairs up ladies and men’s club members.  My partner, Nick, and I didn’t win low gross or net, but we thought we had a shot at lowest putts.

I had to leave right after the round so I didn’t go to the award dinner but turns out we did win second place in lowest putts.  The winners only out-putted us by one stroke.  I got back in prize money what I paid for the tournament.  Not bad.  I’m still ahead this year on what I’ve won versus what I’ve put out.

Today was regular ladies club play day and finally, finally I got a birdie on actual club day.  It’s my 4th birdie of the season but I hadn’t gotten one on play day yet until today.  I’ll get a cute little pin for it.  It was such a conventional birdie too – par 4, on in two and a 25-footer that DROPPED.  Finally!!!

Didn’t play my best round overall though.  Had an OB penalty on the seventh but because of a fortunate one-putt I still managed a double bogey on the over-water par 5.  I like to think of it as a nice par that I had to add a few useless strokes to.  I also made a couple of silly double bogeys along with some pars and bogeys.  Pretty much what I always do.  I didn’t play poorly – just really only went wrong with the unfortunate two extra strokes.

All in day’s play, right?



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