Apparently My Swing Is ‘Developing’

I’ve been in a bit of a slump.  After seeing my scores and handicap dropping drastically over a period of several weeks, things have not only leveled off, but my last few rounds have been less than stellar.  A flubbed shot here, a missed putt there and my scores have been higher.

I’m not too worried about it. Everyone knows golf is a game of ups and downs.

I also attended a clinic yesterday that covered a three-quarter/full swing with short irons and I was surprisingly relaxed and nailing my shots.  So I knew if the pro was watching me swing, he would certainly set me straight if if I was messing something up.  I was focused only on a square stance and simple little inside to inside swing path.  Let gravity and the club face do their work.  Well, Pete Black, the pro who like, NEVER gives compliments said that my swing was “developing”.

I almost did a cartwheel.  Coming from him, that is huge.

He said it after watching me hit several nine-irons in a row from about 75 yards out – all of which landed within 15 or so feet of the pin on our practice green.  He was actually taken aback, speechless for a moment, which also NEVER happens and he asked me if I usually hit this shot with a pitching wedge or nine iron.  I told him nine iron because a wedge still isn’t quite getting me there.  Maybe someday.

Hey folks, I wasn’t terrible.  Whoopee!!!!!

So I can endure some higher scores for the time being, knowing I’m still hard at work and scores will drop again.

At the end of yesterday’s clinic, at which Pete Black’s girlfriend Laurie was also in attendance, I was invited by Laurie to a couple’s golf outing tonight.  A quick round of nine, then some beers and dinner afterwards with a group of about 12.  Bring my hubby.  I accepted the invitation and secretly hoped I didn’t have to play in a foursome with Pete Black.  Oh my God I’m not ready for that.

Now I just have to hope my husband will accept, because he doesn’t know any of these people.



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