“Not On My Watch!”

I haven’t posted in awhile.  Why?  Well, probably because my golf has been just – just kind of meh.  Not good.  Not bad.  Definitely not better either.  I started getting poorer contact off the tee and fairway and it was costing me strokes.  But nothing major.

I attend weekly clinics with Pete Black, our club pro.  The best thing about these clinics is that he keeps an eye on me and catches bad habits I might be developing.

We were working on lob shots last week.  Ugh.  Not my favorite shot.  But the BEST thing about the clinic was that Pete Black caught a left-hand grip problem I was developing.  I am so thankful he did!  I was pulling the pad away from the grip, so that just my fingers were holding on – causing my wrist to get into a really bizarre position during release.  It was UGLY.

And the thing is, I had no idea I had started doing this.  I would have just kept on wondering why my ball striking suddenly tanked.

Bad habits can creep in so easily in golf.  You don’t see them coming and while they’re happening you’re like, why can’t I make good contact all of a sudden?  I am grateful to have someone watching my progress.  Pete Black even used the term “not on my watch” when describing how he looked out for bad habits developing amongst his protoges.

It was kind of sweet.



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