Club Championship Hopes Dashed


The bad news:  I was dead last in my flight.

The good news:  the second to last person only beat my by one stroke.  I guess someone had to be last.  I had two really good rounds and two stinkers.

More good news:  My last round of the tournament took second in day’s play low gross. If I’d have played that way all four rounds I’d be club champ right now.  I did the numbers and it is true.

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When I post here, I like to have good news.  Unfortunately there has not been much of that lately.  My golf game has gone south on me.  For about the past month-and-a-half I’ve been in a serious slump.

Today was the second round of our club championship and I pretty much took myself right out of it with the way I played this morning.  I four-putted the first hole and tried to move on and play good golf but I ended up with about a stroke extra per hole.  Just awful.

The whole experience reminds me of something similar to what an Olympic skater experiences when he or she falls on the first jump of the routine!  That “what just happened?” feeling is hard to shake off.

I am in the top flight but bringing up the rear in flight scores.  I’ve had a lot of very up and down golf lately.  Four days ago I shot the best round I’ve ever shot but unfortunately, this great game was flanked by two very poor ones and that is pretty much how it has been going – only the poor rounds are out-numbering the good rounds.

I know this will pass.  I’m just in the doldrums right now.  I am still working very hard on my game.  Our club pro monitors my progress.  I’m not making major mistakes and I know I can score better than this.  I’m just showing my inexperience I guess.

This is the first club championship I’ve ever played in.  It is clear that this is not my time.  In the first round I was just a few shots off the lowest scores but with this second round disaster, well, reality check.  No one else in my flight has had a bad round yet.

Maybe next year!


2 thoughts on “Club Championship Hopes Dashed

  1. This morning I went to the practice green and spent three hours pitching, chipping and putting with some bunker shots thrown in. It was relaxing and gave me back some confidence.


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