Best 9 Holes Of My Life

Today was marvelous.

I went to my home course to practice.  Pete Black, the pro was there with his girlfriend, Laura Cole and his recognizable bright orange alignment rods.  They were working on her chipping.  I had just golfed 18 away with Laura the day before and she had lamented that her chipping was killing her so it was nice to see her getting an always free lesson from her PGA pro boyfriend.  (Must be nice).

In all honesty, I am quite fond of both Laura Cole and Pete Black and we have begun to get together in a social fashion.  I actually played bunco the other night at Laura’s house.  Pete was there rolling dice with the best of them.

Anyway, they shared the green with me and eventually, Pete had to go because his shift as starter was beginning.  I told him I was going to golf seven through nine, as the practice area is off the sixth hole.

I went to tee off on seven and had to wait for a single golfer wandering about the fairway doing I have no idea what because he wasn’t hitting any balls.  Meanwhile, one of the marshals and two other men’s club members showed up ready to tee off.  Lee, the marshal asked me if I wanted to play out with them.  Sure I did, thanks.

This is where it gets sweet, folks.  The seventh hole is a difficult par 5 with a lake and well-placed obstacles.  These fellas were pulling out their big sticks and hitting the ball to China.  I hit a nice drive, a perfect 4-hybrid second shot, and then a six-iron approach shot that landed seven feet from the pin.  While they were over-shooting the green and knocking putts twelve feet by, I went about my business making birdie.

Okay they said, she’s a player.

We played out eight and nine and I made bogey on both, which is fine because they are both long holes.  My car was parked on a road just off six and Lee kindly offered me a ride in his cart but I wanted to play from the first hole out to the sixth to get nine holes in.  As luck would have it, three ladies from our club were teeing off on one so Pete Black sent me out to join up with them.

I knew I felt it today.  I knew I was playing well.  I went on to birdie the second hole.  Long story short, I shot the lowest nine-hole score I’ve ever shot at my home course:  38!  Many pars, a few birdies and a few bogeys.  Best of all, only 14 putts!

I tried to call my husband to come down to play the back nine with me but he was out in the front yard doing yard work so I came home.




3 thoughts on “Best 9 Holes Of My Life

    1. Hey Brian. I always walk the course so when I practice beforehand I park out by the sixth green where the practice facility is. If I “play in” I am stuck at the pro-shop with no car so I either need a cart-ride to my car or I have to play myself back out. I hope that makes sense!

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