No Double Bogeys!

Today I played a mellow nine hole round with Cindy, a gal from the club.  She is fun to golf with because she loves to talk course strategy and we compare notes.  She has a great mind for the game and is one of those rare golfers who expects all her shots to be good and when they aren’t she is surprised.  She claims to never have hit the ball in the lake on the seventh hole – a lake that has claimed many a ball from the likes of me.  She also is one of the best putters I’ve seen and claims she never practices putting.  On club play days when we count our putts she has more one-putts than anyone.  Incredible.

But these days I beat her nine of ten times.  Mostly because I hit way longer than she does and my approach game is more diversified.  I have a solid short-iron and wedge pitch and she does not.  She bumps and runs everything – long and short – and it doesn’t always work for her, although I must admit that sometimes her results are spectacular.   For the most part though, she is a one-trick pony with her bump and run from as far out as a hundred yards!

My post today is to report that my scores have been pretty solidly lower again lately.  Lower than ever.  Sure I still have a bad round now and then, yesterday in fact, but for the most part, I’m in a new place. My putter is my friend again (fourth putter I’ve used in the last two months!).  I bought a Taylormade White Smoke and I love it!

You know there has never been a Taylormade club I didn’t just love.  I use a 4-Hybrid Burner as my go-to club.  I watched a Lydia Ko video in which she explains three different shots she regularly makes with the same hybrid club – only by choking way up or way down on the club.  I took the advice to heart and am killing it with this club.  It rarely fails me.  It has replaced my four iron – though I still carry my four iron in the bag for under tree shots.

Anyway, today on this nine with Cindy I shot 41.  What I am really happy about is that I didn’t get even one double bogey!  My home course front nine is a par 34 because it only has one par five and three par threes.  Making all bogeys throughout the nine holes will earn you a 43, and that plays to my handicap and is totally respectable for me.  Today I made two pars and the rest bogeys for a 41.  I putted 15 strokes – with no three-putts.  Generally a fine outing for me!

Cindy mentioned that it is highly likely that our state golf association will recognize me as the most improved golfer of the club because my handicap has dropped so significantly since the beginning of the season.  That would be great but even if I don’t win that honor, I know that I have made huge strides this year as a golfer.

I am very proud of how far I’ve come this year.  This experience has taught me that if I put my mind to something, I can still achieve what I want to achieve!  Just yesterday I turned 56 so I know the time is now – for all the stuff I still want to do!



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