Six Greens In A Row!

The golf gods are continuing to shower me with golf’s most wonderful blessings.

I am enjoying this fortune while it lasts!  I am hitting the ball better than ever, farther AND more accurate.  My woods are steadfast and reliable.  My irons have come back – at least mid to short irons.  Long irons only come out of the bag when I get under trees or land in nasty divots and for all else in that distance range I use my Taylormade 4 Hybrid burner.  Oh my that is one bad ass club.  I love it so much.

I played nine with Cindy again today.  The stat that has me beaming the most is that I hit six greens in regulation IN A ROW.  I couldn’t miss.  All my tee shots were at least decent and I was nailing the approaches – just nailing them.  Irons, hybrid, didn’t matter.  I’ve never repaired so many ball marks in a row.

I ended up shooting 39, a very good score for me.  Sadly I didn’t convert any of the six birdie opportunities I had but I did manage to par five of nine holes.  I made an unfortunate double on the first hole and bogeys on the three remaining because of putts that didn’t fall.  They were good putts – just didn’t drop.

This was a second very good day in a row.  I am sad to see the season coming to an end.  Will I be able to maintain this good place over the winter?  Well if I have anything to say about it, yes.  None of this is by chance.  I’ve worked my butt off at this game.

In a year’s time I have come a long, long, L O N G way.


2 thoughts on “Six Greens In A Row!

    1. Oh yes we say “smelling the roses” here in the US too. I am enjoying the low scores very much and the roses smell sweet indeed. If I hit greens and the birdie putts don’t drop – that’s a whole other matter than when I’m missing par putts! So yes, more upbeat! Thanks for stopping by Thimberlina!

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