It’s winter – time to work on my swing!

That’s what winter golf means for me – taking an aspect of my swing, maybe more than one, and working on it.

This year I am working on creating more lag and keeping that pesky left wrist in a neutral position throughout the entire swing.  I was collapsing it way too much last season and it’s the kind of bad habit that just gets worse if you don’t put a stop to it.  My instructor, Pete Black, caught it and reminded me of it.  I knew it while I was doing it but didn’t want to get deeply into trying to fix it while I was still posting scores and competing.

So I go out almost daily and no matter what, I keep that wrist neutral.  My neutral wrist trumps everything – distance, trajectory, even a good shot.  Fortunately, if my wrist stays flat like it’s supposed to, direction is pretty good no matter what the rest of the shot looks like, although with my long clubs I go right sometimes because I somtimes don’t get the club face round far enough yet, but that will come as I get more used to what this feels like.

If I have to collapse my wrist to fix a shot, it’s just not worth it anymore!

I did find a simple drill that helped me immensely to start to feel what I’m going for.  It is John Dunnigan’s video titled The Flat Left Wrist.  Just excellent.  It also is a great left arm “golf muscle” drill.  It has taken me a solid year to even begin to feel my left forearm and wrist getting stronger.

I also like this split hand release drill from golfdashblog to help me understand that my hands need to keep quiet!  Let the forearms do the rotating.

Happy winter golf!



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