I’m Still Here

It’s been so long since I’ve written – I don’t know where to start!

My lack of attention to this blog has nothing to do with my love for golf.

First let me say, I won the esteemed title of ‘club champion’ at my home course.  It’s a goal I had set, worked for, and achieved.

I won BIG.  I won by 17 strokes, actually.  I just kicked ass.

Why?  I practiced my butt off.  That is why.

My reason for returning to this blog has more to do with women in golf then it does with me being a serious, competitive golfer.

I just found the article below and while it is satisfying to know  that LPGA players are impressive to a few fellas, I have to add that the end of the article mentions the abject misogyny going on in Japan, the site of the 2020 Olympics.


When will this end?

I work as hard as any man, and more than MOST men in golf.  I practice and make sure I’m ready to go when I show up at any golf course.  Yet still, it is assumed that I suck at golf only because I am female.  This attitude has to stop.


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