My name is Jillian.  I’m 55, on leave from my job, and have taken up golf.  My goal is to see improvement in the form of a 5 point or more improvement in my handicap in one year’s time.  Though I’ve been a once in awhile golfer for three decades, I’ve never focused on putting a full spectrum game together.  By full spectrum I mean not only long game/short game but MENTAL game.

I joined a golf club for the first time in my life and in my first several rounds to establish my handicap – have scored progressively higher and found myself feeling increasing pressure to score well and hence, the opposite is happening.  My head is messing with me – and not just because I’m looking up or lifting my chest when I swing!

I will talk about my journey, what I’m learning and how it is going.

I decided to write this blog because my last time out on the course the thought entered my brain that I should just give up.  I’ll never master this most difficult of games.  What is the point?  I suck and that’s that.  I said something to that effect and my playing partners sternly said, no, you can’t give up.

It was then that it occurred to me that golf is like life.  You can’t give up.  Just keep playing.  Keep going.  Try new things.  Learn.  Get some help maybe once in awhile.

So that’s what I’m going to do.


One thought on “About

  1. What a fab idea to document your progress. Started when I was 26 and I’m 43 now and still love it. I don’t get to play asa much as I’d like to (only twice this week!) but once the bugs sets in, Theres nothing like it!
    If you’re into reading all Bob Rotella’s books (sports psychologist) are fab, and a really great book is Vivienne Saunders – Lady’s Golf Handbook.
    Good luck!! ⛳️


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